Simon And Patrick – Vintage Burst CW

Vintage Burst CW Cedar HG A3.2

This is a great guitar for the gigging musician. Being the CW version of the Cedar HG, this model offers playability all the way up the fingerboard. It’s equipped with the B-Band A3.2 electronic system with undersaddle transducer and also includes the revolutionary TRIC case to protect your guitar from the elements and any disgruntled backstage roadies.
Back & Sides : Red Wild Cherry
Top : Cedar (Select Pressure Tested Solid Top)
Fingerboard & Bridge : Rosewood
Finish : High-Gloss Custom Polished Finish
Tusq® nut & saddle by Graphtech
Includes B-Band A3.2 electronics and TRIC case
Vintage Burst CW Cedar HG A3.2